Family History

Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were and what they got up to?  

Be inspired and pick up some practical advice from Gloucestershire’s family historians.  

We’ve uncovered some remarkable stories ranging from connections with JRR Tolkien, through tragic local deaths, to an ancestor who signed the American Declaration of Independence and happened to be a bit of a rogue too!

If you’d like to discover more, there are plenty of people to help you locally – with Gloucestershire Family History Society and Gloucestershire Archives, both based at Gloucestershire Heritage Hub near the rugby club in Gloucester. 

Or you could get started at home by using one of the family history websites, such as Ancestry 

We’re grateful to Patron Andrew Pitt for suggesting and supporting a series of family history films. 


A Focus on Family History

Dr Nick Barratt, historian, genealogist and broadcaster draws on his experience with the popular TV programme, ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ to look at the future of family history.  He concludes by providing tips on getting started with your own family history 
(32 minutes).

City Voices

Gloucestershire’s family historians 

(a series of short films ranging from 2 to 9 minutes)   

Introduction to family history with Clive Andrews

Stonemasons at Gloucester Cathedral with Elaine Schollar

Researching the Smiths and England’s oldest farmers with Barbara Osborne

Button Gwinnett and the American Declaration of Independence with Liz Jack

Early family history publications with Gareth Swain

JRR Tolkien with Sue Woodward

Tragic accidents with Elaine Schollar

Gloucester Cemetery, Tredworth Road with Andy Sysum

Police ancestors with Barbara Osborne

Police collar numbers with Sue Webb

Richard Gwinnett the dramatist Liz Jack

Unusual sources for family history with Rose Hewlett

Family tree to die for with Barbara Osborne

Gloucestershire’s memorial inscriptions (grave stones) with Andy Sysum

Titanic with Sue Woodward

Gloucestershire’s war memorials with Andy Sysum

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