We are very grateful to all of our volunteers without whom
the festival would not be able to go ahead.

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Conducting research

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Our Board of Trustees:


Richard Graham, Chair


Gareth Swain, Vice Chair


Carole Francis-McGann


Vernon Harwood


John Lovell


Phil Moss


Andrew Pitt


Debra Tullett

Volunteer Story

Hello, I’m Heather and I volunteer for Gloucester History Festival.

I first got involved a few years ago and helped set up and develop the City Voices strand of the Festival. It has been a privilege to work alongside heritage professionals, communities and individuals across the city (and beyond).

Together, we’ve helped bring local history to life and showcased the expertise and experience of different communities and local people. I’ve learnt a tremendous amount, made and developed contacts throughout the city, and been inspired by working with experts in all aspects of delivering festivals.

I have since become one of the trustees, and turn my hand to any job that needs doing to ensure we can put on a quality festival, including recruiting freelancers, helping with fundraising, setting up
community panels etc. What really motivates me is the passion of local people and seeing pride in the city grow.

Volunteer Story

Having attended the Gloucester History Festival and thoroughly enjoyed it for several years, I felt that I wanted become involved. So in 2019 I decided to join the volunteers at the Blackfriars Talks. The induction evening enabled us to get to know each other and by the end it really felt that we had become a team, possibly helped by the issue of a team T-shirt.

We left the meeting familiar with the routine and the logistics and eager to start work. On 14 September there was a mixture of anticipation and eagerness as the Blackfriars Talks were about to get underway. The arrival of the first speaker, Alice Roberts, to talk about ‘The Celts’, made it all very real. Patrons, speakers, sponsors, organisers and volunteers gathered together in the Green Room where there was a definite buzz of excitement. The time came for Alice Roberts to speak, suddenly the Green Room went quiet, replaced by applause from the main hall as she entered. The talks had begun.

Nine days of stimulating and interesting talks lay ahead. As a volunteer I had the opportunity to meet several of the speakers, hear some fascinating talks and be part of a team bringing leading historians to the historic city of Gloucester.

I can truly say ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt’. Would I do it again – definitely!

– Sue Brown

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