Kingsholm Looking Up

All Images Copyright Ellie Shipman

Kingsholm Looking Up

What building features or nature do you notice when you look up? Who do you look up to in the area? And have you ever looked up your local history?

Kingsholm Looking Up is an illustrated arts trail celebrating the past and present of Kingsholm, Gloucester. The project creates a trail of playful illustrations in windows of local places of people, places and ideas submitted by residents. The trail is accompanied by a printed and digital map, so you can explore the area and find out more about the history, community and creativity right under our noses!

Kingsholm Looking Up is a community project which people can enjoy at a safe social distance as a creative walk around the neighbourhood.

View the Google map here
Download the PDF map here

Kingsholm Looking Up was commissioned by Gloucester History Festival, running from 5 – 20th September 2020.

Copyright Ellie Shipman

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