Signs Of History

A Day in Gloucester with Olivier Jamin

British Sign Language films for the deaf and hard of hearing, with Olivier Jamin, exploring Gloucester Cathedral and the city centre.

Olivier looks at the beautiful structure of the cathedral and the marks of Norman stonemasons on the mighty columns.

Olivier looks at the work of the present-day stonemasons, including the statue of Abbess Kyneburga and the Gloucestershire gargoyles.

Olivier explores the tombs and monuments at the cathedral, including the monuments of King Osric,  King Edward II, and William the Conqueror’s son, Robert Duke of Normandy.

Olivier tours Gloucester Cathedral. (Compilation version of the three short cathedral films).

Olivier discovers the Crossroads of England, St Michael’s tower, the clock and figures at Baker’s the Jewellers, and how the Sunday School Movement began at Robert Raikes’s House. (compilation version of two short city centre tour films).

Olivier discovers the Crossroads of England, how the bell of St Michael’s tower signalled a curfew in medieval times, and a Victorian clock with colourful figures.

Olivier visits Robert Raikes’s house, where the Sunday School Movement began.

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