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The Church of St Mary de Crypt and the Old Crypt Schoolroom stand in the historic heart of Gloucester.   

Introduction to Discover DeCrypt

A brief Backstory

The medieval church, remodelled in the 1400s, has been called ‘a cathedral in miniature’.  You’ll find the remains of a wall painting and fine Victorian stained glass. During the Civil War it acted as a munitions store; you can still see the pock mark from a Royalist cannonball. 

The schoolroom, dating to 1539, is a rare example of a Tudor school, with original panelling and schoolboy graffiti.  Interesting figures associated with the buildings include Robert Raikes, one of the founders of Sunday Schools and preacher George Whitefield, a founder of Methodism.



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Hear from Elizabeth Colley, Cleaner at St Mary DeCrypt Church

Discussing her favourite parts of the church, the calmness of the space and how she takes care of it

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