How to access your events

We are pleased to announce that all Spring Weekend events can be accessed through your own personal Events Page on our website

You will have been sent an email which takes you through to your personal, email protected events page.
1) When prompted, type in your email address  (the one you used to book your tickets)
2) You will see your events displayed here.

If you log into this page before your event has started, you will be informed that your event has not stated yet. At the event start time, please refresh your page, and the event will start for you

If you log into this page, after your event has started (or if you choose to watch your event on demand, you will see your event ready for you to watch).

If you are not able to find the email, please scroll down to our trouble shooting section


Can’t remember what you booked?

Don’t worry if you can’t remember what you booked. You will be able to see all the events connected to your email address when you access your events. The date and time of the events you have booked will appear in on your page.

Information regarding the funeral of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh

Gloucester History Festival Spring Weekend was planned, and all events were filmed, before the sad death of HRH Prince Philip. The date of his funeral coincides with the first day of the Spring Weekend. We understand that the Funeral will be televised and will take place at 3pm. No events of the Spring Weekend coincide with this time.

We understand that some audience members may choose to pay their respects to Prince Philip during the day. All events within the Spring Weekend are digital events which have been pre-recorded, enabling those who choose to follow the nation’s coverage of Prince Philip to do so, and catch up with their Spring Weekend events at a time convenient to them.

The only event which will be affected differently is HUM Sing It Back. This event is a live event, which will be recorded and added to your personal page on Monday 19 April.


How to access your events on demand

To access your event on demand

1) Visit your personal events page, using the link in the email sent to you.
2) Follow the instructions to log in
3) Any events which have previously taken place will be ready to watch


How to order books connected to your events

Blood and Iron by Katja Hoyer can be purchased here 

Silent Village by Robert Pike can be ordered here 

Dead Famous by Greg Jenner can be ordered here 

The Power of Geography can be ordered here 

Event access – Trouble shooting

On Tuesday 13 April, all ticket buyers were sent an email with the subject line “Everything you need for the Spring Weekend”. Please find this email and click the button to access your events

If you purchased tickets after this date, your booking receipt contained a button at the top of the email taking you to your own personal events page

If you are unable to find either email, please click here to be taken to your personal events page. Please use the email address that you used to book your tickets