The film ‘Secrets of Westgate Street’ premiered at the Gloucester History Festival Spring Weekend on 21st April and was made to showcase the fascinating story of this historic thoroughfare. It has been produced as part of the Cathedral Quarter HSHAZ for Gloucester City Council and Historic England by Squeaky Pedal.

The film and trailer are available to view here.


Gloucester’s High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) is known as the Cathedral Quarter HSHAZ. It is a £1.9m programme funded by Gloucester City Council and Historic England to breathe new life into Westgate Street, which as the film shows is rich in heritage and full of potential.

Developed in Roman times, Westgate grew into a bustling medieval street, and it is still the beating heart of the city of Gloucester today. But beneath the modern streets and behind the shop frontages there’s a hidden story which this new film brings to life in striking visuals, including a Lego model. The film also shares exciting new discoveries about Westgate’s historic buildings which have been uncovered as repairs were carried out.

High Streets Heritage Action Zones is a £95 million government-funded programme led by Historic England, designed to secure lasting improvements and help breathe new life into our historic high streets for the communities and businesses that use them. Historic England is working with local people and partners to unlock the rich heritage on these high streets, through repair and improvement works as well as arts and cultural programmes, making them more attractive to residents, businesses, tourists and investors.

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